Q How do I donate clothing?

Americans each discard an average of 68 pounds of clothes every year.  By donating your clothing to charity, you can put some of that to good use. 

Here are some tips on clearing out your closet and helping others enjoy your unwanted clothing and textiles.

Clean out the closet.

Do a thorough declutter of the space that you want to clear out. Make the donation pile so that you know what's ready to go.

Prepare the clothes.

Remove hangers, check the pockets and wash if possible. Don't forget we need shoes, purses, and accessories.


Donate bath towels, blankets, and sheets.

Even towels and bedding that are threadbare can have a second life as they are used for cleaning up, and recycling.


Put the clothes, bedding, and other items into suitable containers.

Containers that are suitable include plastic garbage bags, unwanted tote and other bags (they'll get resold too if in good condition), baskets,boxes, etc.

step 5

Click here and we will come and collect it. 

You do not have to be home to donate and we will leave you a tax receipt.  If you prefer to use the drop boxes click below for the nearest boxes to you.


Q How do I schedule a Clothing Donation Pick-up?

schedule a pickup


Q Where is my nearest  dropbox?

click here to find your nearest box.

Q  What are the pink bags that are showing up?

...Drop boxes are available for placement in all of our areas.  To find out which programs are available in your area contact us.

Your used clothing can make a difference in many lives.  Donating clothing is fast, easy and free.  Your clothes, five minutes, Their lives.   

Gather your used clothing in boxes or bags,

click here to schedule your donation  

Place your items on the porch or driveway on the date of pickup.

Thank you for Supporting our charity partners.  For more information regarding our charities

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